Artwork by Melissa Panth in a Kama-Sutresque style.



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Melissa is an artist from London Ontario Canada. She is a sex crazed beast. Her Dad is from India and her Mom is from Canada.


Always shocking, she is someone fun to get drunk with.

This is a series of prints that are individually signed by the artist Melissa Panthe..


The animal heads on human bodies having sex was somehow inspired by her sex life.

$60.00 us
These prints are full colour and somehow show her India roots even though she has never been there.
Her house is full of trippy textures & a few new erotic artworks are underway.
$60.00 us
The faces on the man/beasts is full of emotion. The bodies full of curves.
$50.00 us
The first and favorite in the set. Classic doggie style. No matter what part of the world you are in.
Buy Them All! Reduced rate if you buy the entire portfolio.
A special reduced rate for purchasing them together almost %50 off. Plus, you save on shipping!

(not $410)

only $228 us!


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