Some new exciting erotic artworks from Chris Wright



price in US

'Tattooed Lady' Hand signed and number out of 100, limited edition print.

$ 95.00 us
'Fountain girls with fish and Cherubs ' Soon to be an edition of prints
price available soon

'The Naked Queen During Corronation' People of Britain may enjoy this, we are just waiting to the prepress feedback. Print available soon however.

price available soon
'Fat Kegs' What to do with such a crazy painting? Talk about making a very limited edition is under way (perhaps only 20). The painting may be for sale, it's super thick with paint. This image is one of the originals for Drunk Chick Trading cards (yet to be released)
price available soon

'Lunar print' also known as 'Debbie thinks she's New Age'

Signed limited editin prints are available.

$ 75.00 us
'The Tri-Lez' Print. Limited edition prints available. '
$ 80.00 us
'Nude Mona Lisa' Sure to become a classic. Get your name on the waiting list for these prints, they will not last.Signed Limited Edition coming soon.
price available soon
Cute hotties playing cards on the couch. Small signed edition of only 25 prints is available.
$ 70.00 us
Drunk girl passed out. What a sport and what a big bottle of tequila. Limited Edition prints available.
$ 65.00 us
'Masterbating' A few prints of this limited edition signed series are still available $ 105.00 us

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Artists please send url samples or jpg's etc. of an erotic theme to be one of our featured artists.

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