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"A View of the Ehoney Gallery"

Developed specially for Ehoney.ca - size: 17" x 11" printed on glossy card stock in full colour and hand signed by the artist.

There is one available right now in the brand new Ehoney Auction site!

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Some Bad News & Some Good News! You have probably noticed the entirely huge change in the site. Here is why: • Our server vanished on us.
The hosts we were using are now pursuing a life of partying and creating their own porn. They grew tired of staying anchored to a computer all day and night.
I wish them all the best. (also wish they had given me some warning). The sad part is, 90% of the gallery database is lost. On the bright side we were planning a major change and this gives us the full go ahead to get at it...
• No longer top secret! version 1.0 of the Official Ehoney Auction site is now up!
• Free listings and no fees! Censorship free, catering to Erotic Artwork!
• Sorry if we lost track of you artists. Our back up system missed the databse.Please notify us again!
• Big things are happening.

Here are our newest artists...

Ehoney.ca featured Erotic Artists

Jaynee A. Levy-Polis There is something extra sexy about erotic paintings by a pretty lady.
Holden Morris was here and he brought with him drawings from his prostitute series.
Melissa Panth and her set of Kama Sutraesque artwork. Sexy, paint and ink prints. Great deal on complete portfolio sets.
Our newest gallery from Heidi. More information to follow.
Christopher Leach A new addition to Ehoney.ca Probably my favorite gallery, I need to see more of these trippy little details.
The art is now here!A very painterly style for you to enjoy. Thick emotions through warm and cool colours.
Charles Wilson-soon
Dick Nieuwendyk-soon
Erotic Replicas
Erotic Artists Wanted : We are always looking for new talent! Please send url's or jpg's, gif's to submissions@ehoney.ca

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